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Report from AMCIS 2003

by Dan Power

Sunday afternoon, August 3 began my whirlwind visit to the Americas 
Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) in Tampa, FL. In the 
registration area I spotted George Marakas and we checked on the room 
scheduled for the SIG DSS business meeting. Shortly after 5pm, I called 
the SIG DSS meeting to order. There were about 30 people at the meeting 
including all of the officers and 3 board members (Courtney, Turoff, 

SIG DSS is growing in membership with about 135 dues paying members and 
we have some money in the bank. If you are not a member, please consider 
joining. The meeting discussion primarily focused on the proposed 
bylaws.  Mike Goul, Vice Chair, is coordinating development of the 
bylaws.  A revised version of the bylaws should be at the SIG DSS 
website ( in late 

Sunday evening the program committee chairs (Galletta & Ross) hosted a 
reception for mini-track chairs.  SIG DSS was well-represented at the 
reception (good food always brings out a crowd).  Overall there were 4 
mini-tracks (11 co-chairs) in the SIG DSS sponsored Decision Support and 
Knowledge Management meta-track. After the reception, I had dinner with 
George Widmeyer and Ulrike Schultze at a seafood restaurant close to the 
Mariott Waterside where the conference was being held.  George has been 
active with IFIP and its working group on DSS for many years. He's 
always interesting to chat with and Ulricke added her perspective on IS 
and Knowledge Management.

Monday morning the conference started with a keynote presentation and 
then the paper sessions.  I chaired 2 back-to-back DSS sessions and then 
Karen Dowling chaired 2 afternoon sessions.  In general, the papers I 
heard presented were interesting. As always the decision support realm 
is diverse and applied.  In particular, Radhika Santhanam presented an 
review paper titled "Common Factors among Management Support Systems 

Paul Gray chaired the Communications of the Association for Information 
Systems (CAIS) editorial board meeting Monday in the late afternoon. 
More than 225 articles have been published in CAIS since 1999. Paul 
briefly discussed a special issue on the brewing IS/IT identity crisis 
-- What is the core of the IS field? Is it an IS/IT artifact? Is some 
research in IS journals not really IS research? Such debates don't 
really change much, but they put journal editors on notice and they are 
a sign of a maturing discipline.  Much of the time we in Information 
Systems are too critical of each other's research and we do too little 
to promote the field and the importance of IS/DSS research. Information 
Systems exist, they are important, and we study them.  Information 
Systems are key channels of communications and data transfer, they are 
important support tools for decision makers/knowledge workers, and 
information systems are the "digital nervous system" for today's complex 
organizations. I'll write more about this debate in a future Ask Dan!

Monday evening was the conference reception at the Tampa Florida 
Aquarium.  My former colleague and friend Al Hevner was there greeting 
the crowd (almost 900 registered attendees). Al and Paul Cheney were the 
conference chairs and they did a great job.

Tuesday morning at 7am, Ted Stohr and Chris Bullen, AMCIS 2004 program 
chairs, had a meeting to discuss their plans.  The room was crowded and 
the enthusiasm was high so I'm assuming AMCIS in New York (August 5-8, 
2004) will have an exciting program. Jerry Luftman, conference chair, 
promised great social events as well. For more information check .

My free time was spent in meetings about SIG DSS, including the upcoming 
pre-ICIS workshop, and meeting about projects I'm working on with Ramesh 
Sharda and with Daewon Sun. I also had an interesting chat with Omar 
El-Gayar about DSS and Design Science. I'll discuss Design Science and 
its relation to building DSS in some future Ask Dan! Sean Eom brought me 
up-to-date on his Inter-organizational Information Systems book project. 
There is never enough time to see old friends at conferences, but AMCIS 
2003 brought together a critical mass of DSS academic researchers and 
that was great for me. 

Shortly after lunch Tuesday I headed for the Tampa airport.  My flight 
back to Dayton was uneventful.  Wednesday morning I drove home to Cedar 
Falls, IA (580 miles!).  For the past 10 days I have been vacationing, 
but this e-newsletter is on a bi-weekly schedule so my vacation is now 
officially at an end.  Next week I'll get ready for classes -- the 
circle of academic life begins again for me.

Many thanks to Karen Dowling (ASU), the mini-track chairs (Rollier, 
Kang, Schuff, St. Louis, Turetken, Mennecke, Pick, Kulkarni, Raghu), and 
the reviewers for their work in creating a great SIGDSS program for 
AMCIS 2003.

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08/15/2003 Posted case by Barton, P., "The George Washington University 
Data-Driven Decision Support Project", 2003. Check the case studies 


DSS News Releases - August 3 to August 15, 2003 -
Read them at DSSResources.COM and search the DSS News archive.

08/15/2003 Satellite phones provide vital communications during U.S. 
east coast blackout. 

08/15/2003 Continuous monitoring is key to avoiding facility power 

08/15/2003 uses Evergreen Assurance's automated DR Service to 
ensure availability of mission-critical e-mail and data for employees 

08/14/2003 American Insurance Association (AIA) warns that cyber risk 
loss control should not just respond to worms or viruses.

08/14/2003 DSS Research among first to apply for new privacy 

08/13/2003 SAIC awarded contract to design an integrated criminal 
history system (ICHS) for the State of Florida.

08/13/2003 Wal-Mart Suppliers Draw on webMethods for EDI over the 

08/13/2003 IntelligentBPM Conference and Expo announces list of keynote 

08/13/2003 Microsoft releases Microsoft Office Project 2003, aims to 
align resources and business activities with strategic objectives.

08/12/2003 BudgetLife cuts the paper chase and gets life insurance 
policies to consumers faster.

08/12/2003 Charming Shoppes makes MicroStrategy’s BI platform integral 
to operations.

08/11/2003 Crystal Decisions improves financial and sales reporting for 
Sunsweet Growers executives.

08/11/2003 American Society of Civil Engineers extends use of Documentum 

08/07/2003 Trimble chosen as GPS provider for Cattron-Theimeg's 
ACCUSPEED locomotive radio remote control system.

08/07/2003 Scorex's Applicant Scoring Model and Performance Insight 
implemented by Arizona Federal Credit Union.

08/06/2003 SGI becomes authorized reseller of TeraBurst optical 
networking products for distributed visualization applications.

08/05/2003 The Wet Seal, Inc. expands MicroStrategy deployment 
enterprise-wide to assess sales trends.

08/05/2003 Sybase and TIBCO to develop Sybase Real-time Services, a 
real-time information delivery solution built on open standards.

08/05/2003 Sun declares Linux desktop ready for primetime with its 
Project Mad Hatter.

08/04/2003 Bloomingdale's to use ProfitLogic's markdown optimization 
solution to manage pricing of fashion and seasonal merchandise.

08/03/2003 CareDecision Corporation launches SateLink PDA for media and 
cable industries. 

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