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Conformed Dimension

A conformed dimension has the same values for all areas of a business. It is a set of data attributes that have been physically implemented in multiple database tables using the same data structure including data type, domain values, and definitions in each implementation. In a data warehouse, conformed dimensions assist in analysis across business areas. Marketing, operations, and finance all use the same conformed dimensions in analytics.

In data warehousing, a conformed dimension is a dimension that has the same meaning to every fact with which it relates. Conformed dimensions allow facts and measures to be categorized and described in the same way across multiple facts and/or data marts, ensuring consistent reporting across the enterprise.

Examples of conformed dimensions include: Time, Customer, Product, Region. "Time is a common conformed dimension because its attributes (day, week, month, quarter, year, etc.) have the same meaning when joined to any fact table, cf., etload.com.

Related Terms: Data mart, star schema

from http://www.etload.com/2014/11/conformed-dimension-in-datawarehouse.html

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