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Data Warehouse

A database designed to support decision making in organizations. It stores historical operating data used for reporting and for generating business intelligence. A data warehouse is often batch updated and structured for rapid online queries and managerial summaries. Data warehouses contain large amounts of data. A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, nonvolatile collection of data in support of management's decision-making process. A data warehouse is a data management strategy organizations use to collect, store, and analyze large amounts of historical business data. Check "What is a Data Warehouse" by W.H. Inmon at http://www.cait.wustl.edu/ cait/papers/prism/vol1_no1/ According to Ralph Kimball "A data warehouse is a copy of transaction data specifically structured for query and analysis" (see Kimball, R. The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses. 1996. Also, see Greenfield, L. A Definition of Data Warehousing.)

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