Implementing Communications-Driven and Group DSS

Communications-Driven DSS

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About Communications-Driven DSS

Communications-Driven DSS is a type of DSS that emphasizes communications, collaboration and shared decision-making support. A simple bulletin board or threaded email is the most elementary level of functionality. The comp.groupware FAQ defines groupware as "software and hardware for shared interactive environments" intended to support and augment group activity. Groupware is a subset of a broader concept called Collaborative Computing. Communications-Driven DSS enable two or more people to communicate with each other, share information and co-ordinate their activities. Group Decision Support Systems or GDSS is a hybrid type of DSS that allows multiple users to work collaboratively in groupwork using various software tools. Examples of group support tools are: audio conferencing, bulletin boards and web-conferencing, document sharing, electronic mail, computer supported face-to-face meeting software, and interactive video.

Communications-Driven DSS software has at least one of the following characteristics:

  • Enables communication between groups of people

  • Facilitates the sharing of information

  • Supports collaboration and coordination between people

  • Supports group decision tasks

Key research issues for Communications-Driven DSS include impacts on group processes and group awareness, multi-user interfaces, concurrency control, communication and coordination within the group, shared information space and the support of a heterogenous, open environment which integrates existing single-user applications. Communications-Driven Decision Support Systems are often categorized according to the time/location matrix using the distinction between same time (synchronous) and different times (asynchronous), and between same place (face-to-face) and different places (distributed).

Implementing Communications-Driven and Group DSS

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